Friday, March 27, 2009


I've been exhausted for so long. Really exahausted. It's sad. Sometimes after I wake up I can't see straight, so I fall back asleep. I sleep more than 10 hours a day sometimes, and I'm still so so tired. I started taking my vitamins agian, but so far it's not helping. *yawn* see? i just woke up! 11 hours. (minus waking up at 7 to bring ryan to school)

I think I am going to go ahead and buy a treadmill. I'm thinking that i will never get it as a present, lol. SO with my next big paycheck, I'm going to get one. Don't know where I'll put it, but oh well. I want one. I don't like to run outside here, i don't like cars and smelly things. Plus i'm pretty sure having it in my house, and knowing I just spent $300 on it, i will use it.

I need to stop eating out. I am going to pick ONE DAY a week (isn't it sad that i'm weekly, not monthly?) to go out to eat. I spend way to much money on food i don't even really like. And conner is geting worse than me. Yesterday I asked him what he wanted to eat, and he was debating with himself between olive garden and chilis. 3 year olds should not know the difference between different restaurants. I'm sad :( At least they aren't fat (yet!)!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

new blog

Hey, everyone else is doing it. Ha! I started a journal... but i never write in it. So i figured i'd start a blog. It's kinda like a journal, only people can read it if they feel like it. like my old livejournal, which i loved. jon wasn't thrilled with it, so i deleted it. eh, what-ev. typing is faster than writing, and my hand doesn't cramp. so, today. conner and i planted spinach, onion and zucchini, and also basil and rosemary. we'll see if anything comes up. course, i have no where to plant them if they DO sprout, as jon has never made me my container for the garden. maybe i should make it myself? not off agian till next week, so we'll see. i still have to do camey's pictures, we were supposed to do them yesterday but it rained. i feel like i haven't been part of the wedding planning at all since i was transferred out of the cove store. which i haven't. i'm busy, she's busy. last week i worked 53 hours! this week i was only at 26, and i have had 3 whole days off. i feel a bit rejuvenated at least. tomorrow should add another 5, so 30 or so for the week. still respectable. then i work fri-tues, so there's another 40-50. now, i don't know what to do about this. angel has gotten a job which starts the 8th. so i won't have a daytime babysitter anymore. which means i can't work days unless jon is off. i don't know if i should put key on hold until the summer, when i can put the boys in daycare (the daycare can't pick ryan up from school because the bus is full) during the day, or if i should tell them i can only work on jon's days off (so we would never be off together) or if i should pay someone i don't know heaploads of money to watch the boys while i work. jon's no help, he just says "i don't know". verry helpful honey. i suppose i need to figure it out though! especially if howard decides to leave, b/c then it will be 3 managers and us 3/4 keys. i say 3/4 bc wayne only does openings, and elayna is about the start doing some kitchen shifts to learn it. so that leaves me and jen for the volumes. and jen hasn't even started yet! ugh, i don't know! i also don't really know if i ever want to become a salary manager. that's a huge commitment to a job i'm not really looking to spend my life doing. i still want to be a teacher some day. can't take care of kids, work 50-60 hours AND go to school. plus keep up the house, the dogs, the lawn... and everything. plus they don't pay that well. it IS more money, but not that much more!!!! i don't know. i just don't.